3D-printing & Blurb19 04 2013

PRINT SHIFT, a magazine about the rapid changing printing environment. And who knew that the major players are in the Netherlands and Belgium…

Bart Veldhuizen, community manager at Shapeways, believes that 3D printing will soon become an indispensable technology in our lives.

I really believe that in 10 to 15 years from now, if you looked back on the year 2013, you’d think: ‘Wow, I couldn’t get that customised? I couldn’t get that coffee machine ten percent smaller? That’s crazy, why not?’

PRINT SHIFT is created by the Dezeen editorial team and produced with print-on-demand publisher Blurb. You can come to Blurb, place an order for a copy, it will be printed to your spec in real time and it will arrive on your doorstep in about a week’s time.